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Dalai Lama


We are a busy family of four that loves to travel and wring every possible moment out of life. For us, that includes attending and participating in sporting events, concerts, auto races, horse shows, hitting the water parks, going scuba diving and occasionally camping with family and friends.


In 2017 we rented a travel trailer. And we loved it - even considered buying one. But then, how much would we really use it? And where would we keep it? And were we really "campers"? And what about maintenance? And insurance? And finally, the real question came: "Surely, we're not the only ones asking this?"


Over the course of a year we made the decision to buy an RV, to use it occasionally and, more importantly, share it with people! And thus, ROADTRIP was born.

From 2018-2020 we ran a very successful, very busy RV rental business. In 2021, we transitioned out of the business of renting RVs and into the business of teaching others how to be successful in the rental business.

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