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RV RATES | Peak Season (May-September)

Nightly (3 night minimum) - $300

Weekly - $1800 (extra days are $250)

Monthly - $7200

- Includes 100 miles/day (overage is .50/mile)

- Includes 5 hours/day of generator use (overage is $5/hour)

- $1800 Refundable damage deposit is required with all rentals


Dump Fee - $150

Cleaning Fee - $150

Smoking Fee - $2000

Bad Gas Fee - $2000

Delivery /Pickup Fees - $200 flat fee + $2/mile roundtrip within 100 miles


CHECK OUT PROCESS | We require all renters to review and sign a check out document that clearly defines the expectations of renter by the owner, documents the condition of the vehicle upon departure, mileage, fuel level, and generator hours, and serves as an agreement between owner and renter. 


CHECK IN PROCESS | Upon check in, the renter and owner will review the entire condition of the RV and compare it to the check out document. The document will also be used to make decisions about the return, or partial return, of the security damage deposit, and costs of any other damage assessed.

TERMS | We expect the RV be returned to us in the same condition as when you picked it up (empty black/gray water tanks, full gas tank, clean on the inside and out). Fees will be assessed if for some reason a renter is unable to return the RV in the expected condition. And don't worry, we'll walk you through the entire dump process. If you don't feel comfortable doing this on your own, its completely okay - just let us know so that we can plan to empty the tanks upon your arrival. The dump tank fee will be assessed, but its one less thing you'll have to worry about! 


WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE SMOKING POLICY. If you smoke near or in the RV, we will know and we will keep your deposit. If you have to smoke, please be at least 50' from the RV. 


We do not allow pets in the RV at this time. 


FUEL | The RV requires PREMIUM GASOLINE to operate the engine and generator and AC/Heater. If we learn that a renter has used anything but premium gas to fill the vehicle, we will keep your deposit as this causes significant damage to essential operations of the RV.

INSURANCE | We require our renters to obtain liability insurance coverage through RVShare. It is quick, easy and costs only $30/day for standard coverage. Learn more about their insurance options here.


DRIVING RECORD | We ask our renters provide certified driving records prior to pickup. These can be obtained online through your State's DMV website for a minimum cost of typically $4-$10. 

ONLINE BOOKING & PAYMENTS | We utilize RVShare to manage our RV rentals, communicate with renters and handle all financial aspects including the security deposits, down-payments and final reconciliation, as well as claims when needed.

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