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5 Ways to Make Your RV Adventure a Success

Updated: May 28, 2020

Travel by RV is a great way to adventure! Make sure you are prepared to experience all RV travel has to offer by following these simple tips!

Adventure awaits. Happy travels :)

1. Make a list... and check it twice.

It happens every vacation, you get halfway to your destination and realize that you forgot your “don’t let me forget this” item. Making yourself a checklist a few days before your trip will help ensure that you have everything.

Fortunately, Roadtrip RV has already made that checklist and has stocked the RV with everything you would need (and more)!

2. Put down the planner and EXPLORE!

Of course you need to have some destinations or events planned for your vacation, but most of the time you can come across the best little parks or fun events that weren’t even on your list.

Being spontaneous is what road trips are all about, and being in a rented mobile home, it’s easy to just pick up and head on down the road to the next adventure! So, go on an adventure and explore the unplanned!

3. Set the menu before you go.

Having a kitchen with you at all times makes it pretty easy (and cheap) to prepare meals on-the-go. However, before you hit the road, sit down and roughly plan out what kinds of meals you want so you know what to take with you.

Use the grill for BBQ, cook meals in the crockpot while the kids adventure for the day, or make a gourmet meal in the oven! Whatever your style, plan ahead and save money by not having to eat out for every meal while on vacation. We have a blog post for that!

4. Put the phones down.

Where there are kids, there is also an abundance of technology. But vacation may be the one time a year where everyone can be together, so unplug and unwind in order to enjoy the adventure.

5. 1, 2, 3.... CHEESE!

The camera may be the one tech item that would be of good use for any road trip.

Capture the beautiful scenery, the kids with marshmallow and Hershey covered faces, and your husband attempting to read the map after he claimed he “knew where he was going”.

There are so many great memories to capture on a road trip, so embrace them all, and remember to say, “CHEEEEEESE”.

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