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Leave It Better Than You Found It

Updated: May 26, 2020

#leaveitbetterthanyoufoundit is a hashtag we've followed since creating this business. And it's a philosophy we take seriously and try to ingrain into our children everywhere we go. We are the people who pickup trash in the parking lot. We are the people who clean up our seats and throw away our garbage at the movie theater. We are the people who make the beds after a sleepover at our friends' home. We are the people who have a strong affinity for reusable bags (hello @stasherbag) and straws.

Even if something is perfect when you find it, say a hotel room, I want to encourage you to put some thought into what little thing can you do to make it better - to contribute to the greater good of the earth. Can you conserve energy or water? Perhaps you can hang your used towel up to reuse them the next day? Or maybe you recycle the newspaper sitting on the hallway floor?

What do you do to leave it better than you found it?

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